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It amuses me sometimes when I hear people getting bent out of shape about the new Star Trek. “The Enterprise isn’t aerodynamic” or “The acting is bad” or “Blah blah dramatic” or whatever.

Okay. The new Star Trek is based off a television show FROM THE 60s. All of the acting was bad. Has anyone ever watched any other sci-fi shows from the 60s? They are campy. The budget for Star Trek and other shows was so low that sometimes an alien looked like a dude’s desk chair wrapped in plastic wrap and Christmas twinkle lights. (Like the Horta from the original Star Trek series. It looks like a burnt cheese biscuit from Red Lobster). That’s how it works.

Personally, I think the new Star Trek has just the right amount of modern special effects and campy sci-fi. Get over it and enjoy the movie.

I like the clothes :D

This is how I feel sometimes when I try to write in greeting cards.

I want to read Time Lincoln.

The Top Eleven Most Valuable Comic Books

Fantastic Four #1

I still think this is a cool comic book cover