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Happy Batman Day!

Ordinary Batman Adventures by Sarah Johnson
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"If you only give your asshole, elitist, geek cross-examinations, quizzes, and "prove you’re one of us" tests to women, you might be an elitist doucherocket, but it’s more likely that you are just a reprehensible misogynist asshole."

 - by Chris Brecheen, on The Ace of Geeks blog on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I wish I could thank the writer personally for this article.

Normally, I’m not really big into reposting blatant cursing but this entire article summed up many of my feelings for the geek world.

Sometimes in the bookstore I work in male customers give me that “look” (some of you know what I’m talking about) when I try to ask them what Batman comic they want or which Gundam they are looking for (because there are like, a million, and asking ‘do you have any Gundam?’ means nothing to me).

Just because I am a woman that happens to be in charge of the graphic novel section, doesn’t mean that I don’t know the difference between Marvel and DC. Just because I want you to tell me the English title of a manga because I don’t want to have to translate your poorly-pronounced version of the Japanese title doesn’t mean that I’m not a legitimate geek.

I’ve been a dalek, a ninja, a sailor scout, and a magical desert princess. I have more Magic the Gathering cards than I have boxes to keep them in, and I spent 2 hours today playing Pokemon SoulSilver.

I am woman and I am geek.

xkcd webcomic

It amuses me sometimes when I hear people getting bent out of shape about the new Star Trek. “The Enterprise isn’t aerodynamic” or “The acting is bad” or “Blah blah dramatic” or whatever.

Okay. The new Star Trek is based off a television show FROM THE 60s. All of the acting was bad. Has anyone ever watched any other sci-fi shows from the 60s? They are campy. The budget for Star Trek and other shows was so low that sometimes an alien looked like a dude’s desk chair wrapped in plastic wrap and Christmas twinkle lights. (Like the Horta from the original Star Trek series. It looks like a burnt cheese biscuit from Red Lobster). That’s how it works.

Personally, I think the new Star Trek has just the right amount of modern special effects and campy sci-fi. Get over it and enjoy the movie.

I like the clothes :D

This is how I feel sometimes when I try to write in greeting cards.